Ökoindustria 2015

Leading event of Central Europe covering all aspects of the environmental industry held in every 2 years. In 2013 the exhibition has attracted 105 exhibitors, 5600 visitors. 
In parallel of the exhibition Enterprise Europe Network's Hungarian partners are organizing international brokerage event. The participation at B2B meetings is free of charge.
Date: 2015. October 15.

Participants from the below industries are all welcome:

  • Water, wastewater
  • Energy (renewable energies, energy efficiency, etc.)
  • Air
  • Noise protection
  • Waste management, recycling
  • Smart cities
The series of accompanying high level professional conferences cover almost all environmental issues, which raise attention of a wide range of environmental stakeholders. 
The ECO-Café provides convenient social area for company presentations, B2B talks and for professional debates.
The exhibitors can apply for the Ökoindustria Award which aims to properly recognise the most innovative product and sustainable service in the framework of exhibition. 
More information about the exhibition: http://www.okoindustria.hu/en/
Do you have a question? Do you need any assistance? Please send an email to Ms Kata Suto-Nagy sutonagy.kata (at) tradehouse.hu

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